Patient Education

Nutrition & Your Teeth

A healthy diet will help your bones and muscles to grow strong and for all of your body’s systems to work together, so you can stay healthy. Plus, a healthy diet is necessary to keep your mouth, gums and teeth in good shape, too. Whatever you eat first passes through your mouth, and usually requires some chewing with your teeth and gums. If you choose to eat unhealthy foods regularly, it will be very difficult to maintain a healthy smile, even with good dental practices like brushing and flossing. Learn about the best foods for your dental health to keep all your pearly whites looking and feeling good.

The foods that are best for dental health are generally the same types of foods that growing children and adults require for overall health. In general, it’s a good idea to eat plenty of fresh vegetables, which provide plenty of essential vitamins and minerals. Some vegetables can even help clean your teeth! Whether or not you eat meat, it’s also important to eat plenty of proteins, which can include beans, dairy, nuts and even some vegetables, as well as meat and fish. Eating a balance of whole grains, fruits and dairy products can further round out a balanced diet.