Teeth Whitening

More people go to their dentists looking for ways to make their teeth look whiter. It’s not hard to understand why there’s this greater emphasis on whitening products and procedures for the teeth. After all, every day, we’re bombarded by images of people who have perfectly white teeth. You see these in the movies, on television, in magazines and online. Usually, when there’s a photo of a smiling person somewhat, that model or actor is going to have pearly white teeth.

So there’s this greater expectation from people that they too should have a set of white teeth. However, the reality can be very far from that, which is why there is such a demand for teeth whitening. After all, the different kinds of food and drink that we consume may result in stains or discoloration of the teeth. Coffee is one example of such a drink, but there are many others. Other habits and activities can also result in less than perfect looking teeth. Smoking can cause teeth to be discoloured, for instance.

Since there are many people who would like to have whiter teeth, companies and dentists together work to bring whitening products and procedures to the people who need them. This is something that many people can appreciate. It means that even if a person has ended up with stained or discoloured teeth over time, it’s usually not too late to achieve a whiter smile.

If whitening is something that you are interested in, we will take an impression to make a bleaching tray customized for your teeth with a take-home bleaching kit. This customized bleaching tray is important so that the bleaching agent will only affect your teeth, and minimize contact with the surrounding soft tissue such as your gums.